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CANCER SOCIETY OF NEW ZEALAND • Te Kāhui Matepukupuku o Aotearoa  CANTALK 73 AUTUMN 2015

Contents                                             Editorial

   Editorial	                                   2    Hello, let me introduce myself.
   Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia –                   I’m CanTalk’s new editor, Sarah
   a change in the air                          3	   Stacy Baynes, and I’m honoured
   Edwina takes her leave                       4	   to take over the role from Sue,
   SunSmart Schools Accreditation                    who’s done a fantastic job for
   Programme                                     5   the past 13 years.
   Questions you have asked	                     5
   Breast Cancer Nirvana                         6   I’m not exactly new around the
   Kia ora E Te Iwi’s progress                   7   traps here, having edited and
   The joy assignment                            8	  managed the Society’s cancer-
   Poem – ‘Here is Hope’                        8	   related information since 2003.
   Keep moving and eat well                     9	   I was really ready for a change and this opportunity
   Take a bow New Zealand                       9	   came up just as I started thinking about exploring
   Hospital-based supported                          fresh fields.
   self management                             10	
   Library Update                              11	   And now I’m looking forward to being able to bring
   July is International Sarcoma                     my past editorial experience and expertise in plain
   Awareness month                             12    language writing to CanTalk. You may have heard
   New booklets out soon                       12    people talking about plain English recently. It’s one of
   Luke Ryan’s memoir of getting                     those phrases people bandy about when they want to
   cancer – twice!                             13    show their commitment to jargon-free language and
   How has the cancer experience                     access to easy-to-read information.
   changed over the last 10 years?             13
   Cancer Support Programme –                        I got into plain English right after graduating from
   What’s on May-July 2015                     14	   Whitireia’s publishing course back in 2000. My first
   Support Groups                              15    job was at Statistics New Zealand, where I received
   Contacting the Cancer Society    Back page	       a baptism of fire as a media release co-ordinator.
                                                     Statistics NZ introduced me to plain English editing and
                                                     I’ve never looked back. I moved on from Stats to the
                                                     Cancer Society and set up its current Editorial Team.

                                                     The Editorial Team is ‘world famous’ in New Zealand’s
                                                     health writing field for winning five WriteMark awards
                                                     (so far) and setting the standard for high-quality health

                                                     I think my background in health writing was a great
                                                     apprenticeship for this new gig. I’ve enjoyed compiling
                                                     this autumn edition of CanTalk and hope you find the
                                                     articles as entertaining and informative as I found
                                                     pulling them together.

                                                     In this quarter’s newsletter we’re focussing on how the
                                                     cancer experience, treatments and the community’s
                                                     response to cancer has changed over the past 10
                                                     years or so.

                                                     Please get in touch with me if you want to express an
                                                     opinion or have something you’d like to share about
                                                     any of the articles or items you see. I love to hear from
                                                     readers. □

                                                     Sarah Stacy Baynes, Editor, Wellington Division.

                                                                                                                  Contact: Sarah Stacy Baynes, Cancer Society Wellington, 52 Riddiford
                                                                                                                  Street, Newtown, or email: regarding any
                                                                                                                  information in (or contributions to), the CanTalk newsletter. This CanTalk
                                                                                                                  newsletter is compiled and edited by Cancer Society Wellington and is
                                                                                                                  available online at

Disclaimer: Many of the articles in the publication are sourced from overseas. The inclusion of these items does not imply that procedures, treatments,
or tests reported herein are approved of, or available in NZ. These articles are for discussion purposes only. The views and opinions expressed here
are not necessarily those of Cancer Society New Zealand.

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